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M104 head gasket diagnosis

had my '93 300e-2.8 up on a lift for tranny fluid at my local indy. i asked him to look into the oil leaks and he thinks it is the head gasket. i have done a search and so far here are the symptoms that from what i gather are relevant:

-does not use oil aside from leak (3 in spots on floor overnight)
-no oil in coolant
-oil in plenum - saw this when i changed the plugs.

is the oil in the plenum a positive indication? can i wait until oil starts showing in the coolant? i saw a post that said that at this point it is still an external leak and won't harm the engine. i am just concerned about the oil in the plenum and whether that means that the valve guides etc. might get damaged too. btw, right now it has almost 53k miles.


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