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Going good. Having a great time.

I'm doing this project at my good friend's place as i do not have the facilities. It is going great and I am having a great time. I highly recommend this to anyone . It has been pretty uneventful. Everyone is right, get the load leveler. These engines come right out. There is nothing you can not do the the car after you do this.

It is a big job. This is my first engine pull. My friend is experienced but not helping except when i have a question. We started with the rusty donor car. Had to tow it to the site from my house and then back after we got the engine out. We didnt start towing until 2 pm on Saturday. I got most prepped before dark. Next morning pulled engine. Probably 8 hours on that one. Then I cleaned it, had to tow car back to my house. Lots of work all around.

The next day, Monday, I pulled the engine in old yeller, the receiver, by myself, start to finish in under 5 hours. I cleaned that greasy engine bay. Since then I have been working a few hours a day taking best parts from each, cleaning, piddling here and there, checking out this and that and learning. You wil want to do a lot onece the engine is out as you can see everything.. I had all new AC components for a DG makeover so i'm doing that at same time. Now I'm ready to put donor engine in tomorrow morning and hook up AC hoses and try her out.

Its a big job thats for sure. I've just been taking my time and doing a little here and there and enjoying this car. You see so much of the car when you pull an engine. Really almost all of it. This is sooo fun and for once my wife is not angry with me for spending a week on the car Something about Air Conditioning and getting that junk car moved.

Oh, I found out my old engine DID have an egine block heater. It just did not have the cord. I suffered all winter thinking it did not have one . Maybe it does not work.

Here are some pics of clean donor engine and pulling the worn engine. The worn one is so clean because it is a junkyard engine and probably a recent install. It has the crayon markings on teh valve cover and IP.

Thanks all for advice everyone. Happy wrenching to you.
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