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It is an allen type screw opposite end of the output spline ( the spline going to the pittman arm.) Loosten the locking nut and turn it CW to remove the slack. What it does from my understanding is it moves the steering gear teeth / mesh closer together. The teeth are wedge shaped and moving them closer takes out any wear that has accumulated. I would refer you to the MB CD rom. They actually have you jack up the front of the car to remove any load on the steering system. Then adjust the allen CW till there is an increase in friction when turning the steering wheel. The increase is only noticed at the middle of the steering. I dont remember the numbers off the top of my head but the essence of it all is to adjust the allen screw until the slop is removed. It can be adjusted to taste. When I did my wifes car, I had it on the bench and adjusted the increase in torque by hand as per MB specs. Then afterwards it seemed to be too much once I had it on the road. However it did take out the hysteressis or dead zone in the steering wheel. I did not try to adjust it while on the car but I believe it is possible.
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