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Victory! Over Heat in the 300SD

Well for those of you who read my first post:
Time for a new radiator for my 84 300SD?
Well my 300SD is solid as a rock, and cool!
I changed everything. the radiator weighed about 3 times as much as the new one... I'm assuming that it was all clogged... then the water pump... she spun great... but the impeller was eroded and had large pits in it... and the holes that were suppose to be in it were about twice the size they should have been. i changed my oil cooler lines while i was at it, and i installed new motor mounts. the car runs sooth... some of the time. and other parts of the time is like riding a bull. i adjusted the valves... but that didn't seem to help. maybe i miss-adjusted one or something. because it will be smooth like a kitten and then like a bull... I'm going to change the fuel filters again... forgot to buy those. and I'm hoping that helps... my dad just got his injectors rebuilt on his Ford... i might have a set rebuilt for the Mercedes.

anyone have an idea on what it should cost to get a set of injectors rebuilt for my car?

i have a 300D that i was going to give to my sister... i'm thinking about pulling the injectors off that car and getting them rebuilt for my car and then having my old injectors rebuilt for her.. that way my car is never down since her car never moves. (more problem then i can count) if there any problems having the injectors off a 617N/A put on a 617 Turbo?

Thanks for all the help!

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