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Unhappy A very sad day (alternator)

Last Monday I took my car (560SEL) in to my local shop because the day before I saw my battery light flicker. The tech said that there was a vacuum hose missing that was keeping my idle too low, and that my alternator and battery tested fine. When I started my car this morning the battery light flickered for a few seconds then went out. When I left work this evening the light was flickering again, and after about 1 mile the ABS light came on. A few seconds later my headlights/dash lights/etc all went out, acceleration was jerky , but still there for a while. A few seconds later the car died altogether, since I was on a blind curve on the highway I had to coast about a 1/4 mile until I could safely stop. I had the car towed to my mechanic, and I'll have it taken care of on Monday (what a fun wekend I'll have!). Is there any chance that other damage was caused by this situation?
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