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. .sounds familar

Steve and Peter gave you the clue! It's either the tires or wheels or maybe both!

Had a similar problem [slight front end 'shimmy' at about 45mph that went away by 60mph] that turned out to be the TIRES. To find it which (btw, it could be both!), go to a shop that has the newest Hunter tire/wheel balancer. This machine can check the wheels AND the tires and find out which is the culprit. Great machine! Was very impressed as the tire tech showed me how it works and the tricks you can do. Big 19" monitor in full color.

In my case, BOTH front tires (Michelin MVX4+) were out of round and had to be replaced. The wheels were ok!

If the tires are marginal, one trick is to rotate the tire on the wheel to point where the tire and wheel's weight counter balance one another. That helped but with my wheels it still caused a shimmy.

The machine can 'detect' a tire that's NG so there's no argument with management. BTW, it was at Discount Tire is SD.
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