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Originally Posted by Got_The_Benz View Post
Something tells me that transmission is either not the original tranny, i.e it'd been swapped out somewhere down the line, or that the 255K miles isn't the correct mileage. I have 415k on my trans and the only problem I have is the typical flare...
I know for a fact that it is the original tranny, and if the milage is off, it is going to be off by less than 1000 miles because the trip odo stopped working for about 2 months, but is fixed now.

Also, when I drove it I put mostly highway miles on it but I don't think the car has seen the highway in the last 8 months, plus with my mom just keeping her foot in the accelerator through each gear with it slipping like it is now, I'm sure that isn't good. The fluid/filter was changed when it was supposed to be - my dad is a stickler for routine maitenence. I told my dad to check out the B2 piston, and if that is the problem we are going to do that and also get the K1 kit. If that isn't the problem, then we're looking at a rebuild, and if that isn't going to happen, it's going to be sold.
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