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Hello! Advice needed for a 82 300SD

Hello everybody!

I have been very interested by the diesel mercedes. Especially the 300SD/SDL.

I just saw and drove an 1982 300SD, 138,000 miles, imported from Indiana to the desert in California a little over a year ago, and I wanted some feedback on it as it is the first diesel I actually drove. So here it is:

- very minor oil leak aoround the valve cover.
- engine shakes, I think quite a bit when either cold or warm, but it was 110 degres outside to begin with.
- one of the pulley seemed to make an odd noise, but one belt was missing for the compressor.
- The engine started fine, with little to no smoke on the exhaust.
- Temperature never raised over 85 (Needle a little below horizontal level) city driving for 20mn AC to the max.

Driving and transmission:

- Weird at first: I had to floor the gas to get the car moving, slowly. Once passed the 20mph mark it had a lot more pick up. (Turbo problem?). That also made the shift from 1st to 2nd gear a little harsh. again, once passed the 20 mph mark all was good, smooth wit hgood kick down.

- Steering was smooth and tight. Breaking was nice and straight even when I breaked hard.

- New tires on the car.

Interior and amenities:

- Sun roof: fully operational.
- Roof: SOme yellowish stains around the hand handles and the bottom trim. Leakage form somewhere??
- Seats and dash in good condition once cleaned and nourished.
- All windows works fine with the exception of the rear driver window that may need a new/fixed regulator.
- AC worked just great in this heat.
- Wood trim is in great shape.
- Electrical seats in perfect working order with very clean leather.
- Very clean trunk.

Body and exterior:

No digs, a few scratches but nothing crazy. Front grill has a little crack in it. All chromes are good.

The body had some advertising stickers on it that has been removed. Hardly noticable.

Original paint, and virtually no rust.

I think cosmetics will be fine once professionally detailed.

The guy wants $4500 for it. What do guys think? I would be ready to spend a couple thousand to fix a few things, as I am sure it will need some and more.

All opinions welcome!!

Sorry for the long post!
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