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driver's side door lock...

O.K. just got my 300E back from the shop (for other work)
The drivers side door lock does NOT UNLOCK-it isn't vaccum, or a line or any of that-it is the lock cylinder itself (and i PAID for that diagnosis-like I didn't know it-) Anyhow-the new cylinder-keyed to the existing key is $190-plus about $150 for installation....Now-I am thinking i need to fix this-I work late nights, and i would hate to be unable to unlock my car quickly in an emergency (I currently unlock it at the trunk)-question-can I use the PASSENGER side door cylinder-or will this not work (Hey I don't need the passenger side to unlock with the key..)
AND how difficult is this job??(how do you remove the door panels?) I am fairly handy-but i do more home-style wood-plumbing -electrical work-and NOT a whole lot of mechanical work -except for oil changes
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