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All 300SD ever made are turbo independently of body style.
Unless pristine that car is not worth $4500.
Having bought most of my cars in Tucson, i can tell you that the car WILL have a cracked dash, WILL need a new battery and new tires very soon unless they were both changed just before the sale.
Rubber parts, Air filters and oil changes are also items on the priority list when you live in the Sonoran Desert.

So from a base price of $3500 for a less than 200k AND absolutely no rust (which is the Forte of Tucson cars) car you can knock 1000 bucks if the AC does not work properly. And because that car is equipped with the dreaded Chrysler ACCII system it is almost a certainty that the AC does not work.
You can knock 500 bucks if the car has more than 200K and did not have the timing chain replaced.

So in 99% of the cases, you are contemplating at a 2000-3500$ if nothing else is too bad.
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