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Guide Rod Noise & Timing Chain Wear Limits

Greetings All,

Just a few quick questions relating to my '80 300TD
The first question relates to the clunking sound that occurs when braking at a slow speed, that I am told could be the guide rod or as others have called it a strut rod bushing that has failed and allows movement, hence the clunking sound during the end of the braking motion. Which end of this guide rod is causing the movement? Is it the firewall end or the wheel end? Has anyone replaced these bushings at home and if so what is the difficulty level and or special tools required to complete the job?.

The second question is quite simple. While adjusting the valves a few weeks back I checked the timing chain for stretch, visual alignment of timing marks only, not using a dial indicator. Rough guessing it appears about 4 degrees off. What is considered allowable stretch on the timing chain before it has a negative effect on performance. Also, would an offset woodruff key of 4 degrees show an appreciable difference in performance.

Thanks for any input or suggestions you can provide.

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