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The paperwork that came w/the car shows a timing chain replacement at a bit over 150k miles but I'm inclined to doing it again because I don't know if the rails were renewed.I'm assuming they were but I'm pretty anal so I'd rather be positive.It doesn't say anything about any head gaskets and so far has not a drop of oil anywhere in the bay and doesn't burn any. The oil I changed when I got it was the color of honey and since I'm soo anal, I change the oil every 2k miles on all of my cars or every two months (even if it sits for 2 months!) and I also have lubed all of the linkage of moving parts (throttle,cables,etc to keep them from getting crappy) which has worked for me so far.I just didn't feel that it was a great need right now to do the head gaskets but... we'll see.A trans service is 150 bucks! Crazy and although I hate paying for stuff I can do myself, I sometimes don't have the time to do a lot and have to suck it up.
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