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Need help on used transmission!

I am in the Gainesville Florida area and I need to know where to get a used automatic transmission for a 1985 190e 2.3. Mine died yesterday. Second gear is just fine but third gear is like driving with a clutch pushed in. (Yeah, I know my car doesn't have a clutch) I can push my RPMs up to the red-line and it will barely move. I checked the fluid level and that is fine. It has been shifting strangely for a few months but I thought that it had to do with my light accelerator foot. It has wanting to skip third gear. Occasionally I would pull the shifter down into third and it would be fine.

I really would like to support a local business but for $1800 I can get three used transmissions. (Not to mention I really don't have $1800)

I have tried the Benz-Bin and Fastlane... Does anyone know of any other places I can check?
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