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Just looked at the "extra" book I have that covers 116's and 107's shows the replacement to be as Peter described. Even though there are two per side, it almost looks easier than the mounts on the 108 because the mounts appear shorter and only have the center bolt.

When I replaced mine (see DIY section) I used a 3 foot pry bar which gave enough leverage to do the job single handed. I only tightened the new mount snug to allow a little extra movement for the other side. Once both mounts were in then I torqued them to spec.

Also, as Peter said, do not lift the car by the axle carrier (front sub-frame) to take a picture of the mounts. You will have to lift it at the jack points so the weight of the engine, wheels etc are carried on the mounts. You will then see how bad the mounts are.

Check out the sub-frame mount article in the DIY Section for a few more how to pointers, while not directly relating to your car, there will be some similarity.
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