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Bought 300E for the wife, follow up

Greetings 300E Owners,

I am looking to buy an '86 300E Benz for my wife tommorrow. It has 161,000 showing on the clock and he's pretty firm at $5,000 because of the beautiful shape it's in I have only received email photos of this nice ride, but I am tapping into the minds of you owners that can tell me what I should be looking for on this car to ensure I am getting a decent ride for my wife. Any and All inputs are welcomed. Tell me more PLEASE. Please give me the benefits and negatives of this ride.
Just as a follow up, I managed to find enough minor problems, or so I think to get the price down to $4,200 so I bought it. I'm now looking for a Mercedes manual covering this year and model if you might have an idea of where one can be obtained, please let me know. This car definitely drove out and responded great and the interior is in great condition as well.

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