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rear camber- worn parts?

Is it possible or likely that worn bushings in the camber strut in my 94 E420 could cause excessive negative camber? Likewise for the bushings in the lower control arm (spring arm), or are these even replaceable?

I just installed MB Euro Sport springs that are made for the european version of this car, yet even with 4 nub pads, the camber is just over 2 degrees negative on each side. The alignment specialty shop says don't worry, but I'm the one paying for the tires, and maybe bearings. The bushings don't appear bad, but something is causing the camber situation. I replaced the springs myself, so replacing the camber strut should be within my capability (I hope), making this a reasonably inexpensive repair.

The car does sit lower, so I expected some negative camber back there, but not this much. Something must be worn, or the european car uses some other different components in the rear suspension. I know that K-mac and others make a kit, but I would rather repair a worn suspension piece than modify it.

Any experience or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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