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Exclamation Problems on e420 tranny

Dear all,
I have some questions for my 94 e420.
I had the tran. rebuilt at 70K coz it slipped between gears
now my car has 72k miles and the check engine light is on. I brought my car to another auto shop and they told me the check engine light shown because of code 26 (Upshift delay 1-2)
is it related to the rebuilt tranny or it is something else?

my car will slide backward on steep slope after released the brakes... is it normal for e420? coz my friend has a 90 230e and never slide on steep slope.

Last question, my car sometimes dies on sharp u-turn at very slow speed(turning the steel wheel all the way to one direction without pedaling any gas)

i am very worry and really look forward to hearing from u guys soon
thank you!
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