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I agree with Paul C but would like to say that the 86 560SEL I got for 2k here in Georgia had a little over 208k and yes it had all records-- although the interior/exterior did look like crap,all it really needed was elbow grease and now she's complimented daily so much its rediculous. I guess I was lucky because I pulled a carfax report,got all of the info I could from MB USA and traced it back to its original dealership (from Cali's Hoehn MB) and was original stickered at a little over $70k in 86! I pretty much do all of the work on her myself and its mostly preventive.The only thing I HAD to fix was to replace a $14 rear window switch in my console but other than that, my big ticket $$$ went towards 18 in wheels/tires, TV/DVD,audio and tint. I now have 214k on her and she purrs like a kitten. I will replace the chain although in its records it was changed at 158k. Basically, these cars are tanks as long as you KEEP THEM UP with simple maint. I'm anal and change my oil every 2k miles on my cars (I've also got a couple of 250C's and a 220D "turtle" to roll around in).Keep up the oil,both engine and transmission fluid and you'll be good.Other stuff will wear just because its OLD anyway but I've detailed damn near everything in the engine compartment and treat hoses,etc to keep them from getting brittle. Just changed the oil/ air filters and will switch to a K&N as well as Custom exhaust with Dual AMG mufflers with double chrome tips on either side.Oh, do your research on these cars also.I found out about how the radiator necks were not that enforced and prone to breakage and upon examining mine,found that the neck was broken (just enough of the neck was left that the hose could be clamped on tight and forced upwards to make it work-that is until I drove it in 90 degree heat with the A/C and it finally popped off) and its failure can result in bad crap happening that will cost you $$$$$. Just the radiator at the MB dealer was $600 bucks but got an aftermarket (same maker as the one I removed) that was reinforced so again,prevention keeps the car more so than HAVING to because you get in a bind.Hopefully you'll be just as lucky as me with your purchase of an SEL because you can't be em! I wouldn't really get into one needing extensive bodywork because that repair can be 3-4 times more than the engine would cost.Example: I wanted to get an estimate just for the heck of it to just redo her with the same color,paint (NO BODYWORK MIND YOU) and was quoted 5k to7k (says because they don't mask,they remove everything). Oh,to be fair, I did also NEED some little vac piece by my distributor (that I broke detailing the engine-that's what I mean by old brittle parts) and the thing was no bigger than my index finger but was $30 and my MB antifreeze was $16. So as you can see, stuff adds up but you'll ride forever! Hell, none of my buddies' newer cars don't make it to 100k miles before they damn near blow up and die. Good luck and keep us posted with what you do.I'll help you on my end and I'm sure you'll get more help from the "family" here
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