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If there like my SEC it`s a bit involved. You`ll have to clean the grease out of the hub and repack the bearings. Also you`ll need a 10mm metric hex socket to remove the allen bolts that hold the rotor to the hub.
The best way to do this is to reattach the wheel to the hub and turn it over,stradel the tire and remove the bolts. You`ll need a torque wrench to to tighten the allen bolts,on my car it`s 110nm. And you must use blue Loctite on the bolts. New seals for the wheel bearings.
Thats how it`s done on a SEC. If your car has fixed rotors it probably will be the same, but you should get the torque specks and bearing preload for your car. OH, use MB high temperature GREEN GREASE on the bearings and hub. CLEAN OUT THE OLD GREASE completely and don`t mix them.


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