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1986 420SEL HVAC - Idle

I have a 1986 420SEL - a great car!! Here are a couple of items I have the car taken in for and they gave me a incredible story. First a rough idle - cold or hot - but only at idle - when I drive at normal or even low speeds - no notice no TACH fluctuations. I was told the plugs fouled caused the problem - I disagreed and said that they were changed and did not fix the problem. Then then said - some $1800 part was bad - I should have stayed with the fouled plugs!! I did not have the $1800 part replace - sounded crazy to me!! ANY IDEAS??

Second, the AC periodically starts putting out warmed air - for about 15 - 20 seconds then goes back to great cooling. The mechanics checked it and said all is OK! Well I know that is not true!!! Any ideas? Are these two related to a vacuum leak? The mechanics said they checked the vacuum - but they do not have any credibility at this point.

Lastly, does anybody know where I can get the fix for the Becker radio security lock. Seems every time I work on the car the radio locks out and I have to drive to the dealer to unlock the radio security - what a pain.

Thanks for the help up front!! What a great forum - just found it and have bookmarked it from this point on!!!

Mark Pavelka
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