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Brian K
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Thanks, guys.

I just hope they can fix it. The ignition switch seems like a good culprit. Obviously, something is telling the car to start the engine, but is not giving the signal to start the dashboard!

It only does it very intermittently.

It has 6500 miles on it now, I think I will wait until the 10K service, and just have them look at it at that time. I just want to have all the "bugs" worked out well in advance of the warranty period expiring.

Its been a good car, overall, but it has not been as reliable as the new BMWs that I (and my family) have owned over the years, starting with an E21, several E30s, E28 and E36. We won't even talk about my Dad's Lexus, with 80,000 miles on it now and has not had one single problem. I mean, absolutely zero. Pretty amazing, how dead reliable that thing is. (Not saying I'd want one, but its reliability is great).

Thanks again.
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