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What controls Full Throttle/Kickdown on M104?

I am baffled by the inability of my 93-300e2.8 to hit redline in any gear.

Here are my observed shift points with lever in "D"

shift WOT Kickdown
1-2 3.8k rpm 4.2k rpm
2-3 3.8k rpm 4.2k rpm
3-4 4k rpm 4.8k rpm

With lever in "2'" + kickdown produces 1-2 shift with the highest rpm at 5.2k.

I have adjusted the bowden cable which moves the shifts points at less than but not at WOT or Kickdown. Is this symptomatic of a vacuum leak? What else would prevent the tranny from shifting at or near redline?
1993 300e-2.8
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