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1993 300sd Om603?

Looking at a 1993 300SD, but am unfamiliar with the vehicle... does it use the OM603 (the same one in the 300SDL)? or did they "upgrade" to the OM603.9XX rod bender from the 350? Is it mechanical fuel injection or did they go electronic on it? I am guessing that it is the W140 body, with it's attendent climate control issues...

Most of my experience is with the OM615, OM616 and OM617 versions... and I have purposefully stayed away from the OM603.XXX versions due to head and rod issues, but the Mrs. is not too thrilled about the age of the vehicles using the OM615, OM616 and OM617 engines. I however would love an OM616/123 body with manual climate control and a stick (4 or 5 i could care less).... but the doghouse doesn't fit the boxer and I both...

Any comments would be appreciated...
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