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Advice on 560 SEL

560 fans, here's the deal. I decided to pass on the '84 380SE Euro and now I have the opportunity to pick up an '86 SEL for better than half off the going rate for comparable mileage models.

The problem with it is that the front flex disc gave out under speed. Beat the tar out of the driveshaft, tranny hump and the tail shaft of the slush box, also took out the shifter linkage and tranny mount. All repairable items. For some reason the airbag deployed when the flex disc gave out, but that can be replaced too.

I'm thinking I could probably just replace the tail shaft housing as it appears to be replaceable rather than trying to replace the entire tranny. Any idea of possible problems with repairing in this fashion?

The car has 166K on the clock, engine is reasonably clean, with only one valve cover leaking a bit. The engine is clean enough that I could see the bright aluminum of the block while we had it in the air today. Fired the engine up and listened to it run, sound very good. I ran the engine for quite a while, temp and oil pressure looked good, of course with the drive shaft out of commission there was any test drive. All bushings and mounts appear in good shape as well. The interior is in need of a good cleaning though.

Body has one minor dent in the rear face of the trunk lid, other than that appears clean. There are no records with the car and it will have a salvage title, but the title isn't important to me. Judging by the cleanliness of the under side of the block, the car had some loving care in the past. The self leveling system appears intact with no leaks at the rear reservoirs.

Anything else I should concern myself with? (MPG isn't one of them as it can't be worse than the 4.5 )
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