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I agree that letting the flex disc go to the point it came apart is not indicative of good care. But, again I have no history, judgng by the condition of the underside of the block (clean) and the fact it has MB coolant I believe it had seen some proper care in the past. I'm thinking a second owner let things slide.

The average 560SEL with similar mileage in these parts is fetching $7,500-$9,000. My price on this one is less than $4K, which includes the flex disc, drive shaft, tail housing and air bag (self labor though ).

Question on the air bag controller. Why does it need to be changed, is it a "one use" type system? If that is the case, and it has to be changed I'll try to get it as part of the deal too. Any ideas on why the bag would deploy when the flex disc gave out? There is no evidence of an impact which would have enough force to deploy the bag, other than the underside of the tranny hump, which took a beating.
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