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Ali is on target again. The early 90s S classes are documented in a number of threads for their problems, and I believe a class action suit was launched by their owners. EVERY CAR MADE BY EVERY MANUFACTURER has at least one problem area. Some models from each manufacturer had many, many problems - read up on why Hyundais offer such a long warranty now - To overcome all the lawsuits and Junk status from when they first came out! Some models of each manufacturer run forever with minimal repairs. Others have many more problems. My 88 Legend Coupe was "one of the 10 best cars in the world" according to all the car magazines, yet everyone I ever met who owned one paid for the car at least twice before dumping them in frustration ($200 power window switches, etc.). There was also a recent thread on why Infinity Q45s and BMW 740s are so inexpensive to buy - you will go broke keeping them running!

All you can really do is never buy the first 2 years of any production model of anyones car, and read everything you can find on the problems before you buy. But you can't make a blanket statement like MBs are overpriced Junk. Some models/years certainly are, but my 87 300E is more reliable and a very small fraction of the repair costs (labor and Parts) of my Legend coupe, which is gone and unlamented. And it is easily the reliability equal of my Toyota Celica which just passed 250,000 miles. (The MB needed less work in the first 80k miles than the Toyota did in that period, and the MB was neglected for the first 40k miles.

You bought a problematic model and year. You may even have gotten one of the worst examples of that genre. search the forum and find a better one, maybe one of the last of the W140s if that is your taste. (I think there was a thread on the best w140s, and Stevebfl had some recommendations). As I found with my Legend, sometimes all you can do is admit defeat and move on. Best of luck in resolving your issues on this. Don't go broke like I did in waiting too long to give up. (After the AC and CV joints went out again, I was able to sell it for the cost of the used imported japanese motor I had just put in!)

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