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Question Just bought a 86 420 SEL, what to expect?

I just purchased an 86 420 SEL with about 139K on the clock. I've looked through this forum and I know that this beast gets about 17-21 MPH. It also appears that this thing has a timing chain problem too. Other than those factors, I'm still in the dark about this machine. This is my first MZB, and I'm crossing over from the "rival" do to the need to have something more practical (than a two door 318 sports coup).

The car looks to be in stellar shape. I like to do a lot of my own work, is this car easy for changing spark plugs and little nicky nacky things? Your response is appreciated.

Mateo - 86 420 SEL
- 98 Land Rover Discover (for the wife).

ps we live in snow country.
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