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Just did my 560 SEL

Just changed my 2 fuel pumps, fuel filter and bracket that holds all of them together. The pumps, connecting lines, and filter were corroded so bad it was unbelievable. So was the bracket. When you change the pumps and/or fuel filter - there is a plastic sleeve that goes on each one to insulate them from the bracket and they are supplied with the new parts. MAKE SURE YOU PUT THEM IN. Someone had worked on this package before I got my car and all the corrosion was due to electrical reaction (I believe my mechanic said Galvanic reaction) between the aluminum filter and pumps and the steel bracket. He also told me the plastic insulators are there the prevent this. Make sure they are installed correctly!! Other than that - it's really a very easy job. Even though the connecting lines were convoluted, God bless Mecedes, they go together beautifully when properly aligned. No bending a little to make fit like some North American Cars.
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