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Exclamation Mercedes Benz Technical Companion, page 11


I have not seen this addressed here, but apparently there is some discrepancy regarding the proper level of ATF. I type this directly from MB Technical Companion, article "Automatic Transmission Fluid, September/October 1986" that begins on page responce to a question "what transmission fluid should I use".....
Some sections of the answer include.....
Son of Dextron
What to Use
Checking ATF Level
".....The upper mark on the dipstick indicates the correct fluid level for a hot transmission with a fluid at 80 C/176 F. Since this temperature is reached only after prolonged driving and even then can only be estimated, the fluid level check will not be accurate under most shop conditions. Experience has shown that actual fluid level can be determined more accurately in a cold transmission with fluid temperature between 20 C/68 F and 30 C/86 F......"
Maximum Levels
Here are the maximum fluid levels for specific transmissions in U.S.-version Mercedes Benz cars (refer to Fig. 1):
I)280SE.....and 300SEL 3.5:
II)All models, except those in I above, started in production before the introduction of torque converters as noted in III, IV, and V below:
III) Starting in....1972.....W108/109......W114/115.....all W116....all W123.....except 300TD turbo......and except all turbo-diesels......"
IV) All W201 and W124 series cars:
V) All W126....All W107......starting in model year 1981. All W123 series cars starting in 1982 equipped with turbo-diesel engines (300TD turbo-diesel starting in September 1981): Maximum Fluid level in a cold torque converter transmission of type W 4 A 040 (722.3) must be 5 mm (3/16 in.) below the minimum (lower) marking.
ATF and Filter Changes

This is a lengthy but informative article, I only quote the 5th section that relates to W123 Turbo-Diesels......because that's what most of us discuss here.....perhaps someone knows of an official MB Tech Bulletin that explains this......


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