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I have used all of the ones described.
Porterfields are good pads, I have used the Axxis/Repco's with great results. Worked best for me matter of fact. The OEM Jurids,Textars, Pagid are good pads but the dust and the damage to the wheels is unacceptable.

One thing to think about.

If you subscribe to the rule of not turning the rotors when changing pads.
It shouldn't be an issue on the rotor wear.

The Pad isn't going to wear down the rotor faster that the pad wearing out.

I'm a little of both, If the rotor is warped, no amount of turning is going to bring it back permanently. The warp will show up again.

If you are doing a clean up pass on used rotors w/ new pads. Give it a shot. I've had good luck here also. Both MB and Non MB.

I new change pads without a cleanup pass or new rotor.
New pads on old surface rotors is inviting problems.

Tolahouse, care if I use your ASCII Art ?

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