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Red face C320 wagon owner's manual and extended warranty

Hi all, tonight I bought a 2002 C320 wagon. It was a certified pre-owned MB in 2005. All service records were listed on carfax. Since its a used car, it didn't come with an owner's manual. The dealership (non-MB) I got it from said they will call me tomorrow to check if they have it but I'm not hanging on to their word. It has 36500 mi on it, and is in mint condition (exterior and interior). My brother-in-law, who likes cars, was impressed. It even has new tires.

My three questions are:
- Is there an extended warranty I can purchase for my car for the next 3 years? If yes, which do you recommend that's accepted in California?
- Anyone know where I can get an owner's manual set?
- Anyone recommend a MB repair/mechanic shop in the San Jose, Santa Clara, Los Gatos, Mountain View, Sunnyvale areas in the Bay Area?

2002 C320 sport wagon, 6-cyl, 3.2 L, first owner 2001, all service and repairs performed twice 2004 (I guess all the recalls and repairs were made before being certified pre-owned 2005, currently 36,500 miles.

Thanks for your input.

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