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Replacing bushings = DIY jobs?

My 92 400E clunks over continuous bumpy road, it doesn't clunk when it rains(maybe water lubricates the bushings), it has 200K km on it, I think I'd better replace all the rubbers, since I don't know what previous owner did to it.

From what I read from the previous posts, I can replace:
1. Front Lower control arm bushings.
2. Front sway bar bushings.
3. Rear control arm bushings (inner).
4. Rear control arm bushings (outer).
5. Rear sway bar bushings.

Are these all DIY items? I have been doing all services and repairs by myself for quite a long time, like to have everything done by myself.

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92 400E (Sold) 245K km
Still missing the days with the Benz, it kept me busy.
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