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My '87 124 needed front sway bar bushings @ 92K miles, when I acquired it about two years ago. Symptom was a clunk from the front end when driving over uneven bumps, such as driving across a speed bump at an angle. No clunk when heading straight across. This is a very easy and inexpensive repair. Parts were ~$20 and installation required perhaps an hour.

The rear sway bar bushings had also dried out. Symptom was a groaning noise from the rear end when both wheels went over a bump, such as driving straight across a speed bump. Again, this was a very easy and inexpensive repair. The bushing kit was ~$5 and installation was perhaps an hour.

Cannot comment on your other noises other than to agree with Steve - 10 years/120K miles is very early to require control arm bushings.

- Jim
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