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Thanks for the help everyone!

Gary -
I have done a search and there is a TON of things that it could be. I am trying to eliminate them one-by-one.

I replaced the plugs (not plat.) giving them a gap of .038", the ones that were in were all uniformly black with black fuzzies. I replaced the air filter, the one that was in it was very dirty and I needed to empty the filter housing of all the pine needles, sand, bugs, etc. I just put some techron cleaner and chevron premeum fuel in.

After the above (all done this morning except for the fuel) the car started with about a 1/2 crank and ran pretty good. The idle is rock steady on the tach but the car shakes a bit (maybe moter mount).

The car has 159,000 miles on it, I bought it three days ago. The car is all original every gadget works, climate control, heated front and rear seats, alarm, power front and rear seats, antenna, EVERYTHIING. The paint is like a mirror. It also came with three very big Mercedes factory service manuals in perfect condition.

The previous owner bought it at 90,000 miles and said he did nothing to the timing chain, I am making an appointment as soon as possible. He did have a new transmission installed at 100,000.

My wife, kids, and I love the car, I just want to get the bugs worked out.


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