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Thumbs down W126 Front wheel bearing question


The front wheel bearing of my 85 380se makes this humming noise when I drive the car. The noise level increases with the speed.

I am thinking about repacking the grease inside the wheel cap. Will this fix the problem or I need to replace the bearing itself?

It seems to me that repacking the grease shouldn't be too hard. The manual says that I need to have a special tool to pull off the wheel cap, refill the grease and put the cap back.
Is the tool expensive? Can I get this tool from any auto part store or I need to get it from the Mercedes dealer?

If repacking the grease won't work and I need to replace the bearing, then how difficult this task will be? Is this task a do it yourself job? What steps I should pay attention to?

I appreciate your help.

85 380SE
Austin, TX
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