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Question on changing 123 300D motor mounts

OK, folks. I'm probably gonna be done before I can get help, but here's the question. I'm changing motor mounts on a 1980 300D. The car has 230k miles, so need isn't the question. I'm following the manual to the letter, I removed the allen bolts on the bottom of the mount, removed the little nuts on the bottom of the two engine shocks, and I even disconnected the p/s return line that would be in the way.

The manual says I lift on the pan and the engine comes out of the mounts. The engine didn't read the manual and the whole front end is lifting with the engine. I don't want to overload the pan so I'm stopping and trying to regroup. I agitated the engine with the jack lifting the car about 1", but nothing happened. I figure either the mounts are stuck to the bottom of the bracket or the manual has something missing.

Any help is greatly apprecitated. I'll check back in a hour to see if anybody posted an answer.


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