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Thanks Ellington, it's too bad our XJ-6 isn't green! My wife and I love the XJ-6 and though it might not be kind to say it on this forum we still think it is the prettiest 4 door sedan ever made.

I've always kept a log book of the maintenance I've done on all of my cars (my lawn equipment too - wife says I'm way too anal) and the XJ-6 is 13 pages long. There is always something you'd like to do on old cars but it's pretty comfortable right now. Compared to the 300e though the Jag does show its 1948 heritage, the 300e is more refined.

That said, don't let anyone tell you that Jags of that vintage are not reliable - ours has been one of the most reliable cars we've owned and all with a few very simple maintenance practices.

One of the reasons I like these forums is because of the wealth of information available. I was able to learn on the Jag Lovers forum all about the deficiencies in the head design and make a necessary modification that completely eliminates a likely failure mode from the XK head. I was kind of wondering if anyone on this forum had information on the 103 head since I was obviously going to be doing some work on it.

Working on the 300e has been a pleasure (even though it seems to need so much done on it right now), all except the differential bushings!

Thanks for the kind words,

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