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Originally Posted by ctaylor738 View Post
You can bring the engine to TDC on #1 and see if the marks on the cam tower and thrust washer align. That will tell you if the chain jumped - the marks will be 'way off. Look at closely at the rocker arms with the cam lobe up and you may see that the exhaust valves are not closing all the way. If either is the case, you have bent valves and the head needs to come off.
Thanks for the tips.

I'm pretty sure I know what a "cam tower" is, but what is the "thrust washer"? I set the engine at #1TDC and looked for anything on the camshaft that might be a timing indicator. I did notice some "ears" pretty much in the middle of the length of the shaft, which didn't seem to serve a mechanical function. If these are any indicator, they are not synchronized.

Assuming the exhaust valves are the rear valves on each cylinder (is that correct?) I did find that the engine has some closure issues. On cylinders 5 and 8, with lobes pointing up, I could stack up feeler gauges to 1/4 of an inch and easily slide them under the cams.

So, assuming that this indicates bent valves (safe assumption right?) what other damage may have occurred? Is it a matter of replacing valves, timing chain and guides (along with related gaskets and seals)? Or is there likely to be more than that? Do pistons and/or cylinders typically suffer damage in these situations?

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