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300td front end

Well fellas,

maybe 2000 miles into some new tires, I have a 1" bald band on the outboard edge of the front left tire. I could feel some play there for a while, just had not got around to inspect and repair. At highway speed, a surge in acceleration follwed by pulling my foot off the pedal would produce a slight yawing of the car (to the right on acceleration, the left on deceleration).

Is this problem common to a specific joint, or could it be symptomatic of any or all (joints, bushings, rod ends)?

A front end job is definitely in order. Has anyone replaced the lower ball joints without using the MB tool? I'd rather know before I start tearing things down, as I need to plan down time for this vehicle. And so I can find the tool!

Thanks in advance.

1985 300TD
1985 300TD 4-speed 212K
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