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Unhappy 1993 Beautiful 230 E

New Import to Nigeria from Germany!!
73,000 real kilo's on the speedo!!

Mercedes Benz Model 230E 1993
Fuel Injection, with Air-conditioning
Automatic trans

Built in Europe for Unleaded gas, still has "C" converters installed,
also a heating element is in the windsheild washer unit to keep the water warm??


The car runs perfect for 45 minutes or so, AC on, temp 85 max, when in traffic it suddenly stalls, if you try to start the car quickly it chuggs/diesels and backfires for a couple seconds then stalls for good, all you hear are the horns of the cars behind you!!

HOWEVER if you let the car sit 3 to 5 minutes you can restart the car and are good to go another 25 minutes, then it stalls, then you let it sit 5 minutes and it runs 20 minutes..... You get the idea!!~!

If you do get it started quick, pushing your foot to the floor will get the engine racing with backfires, and lose of power, the only real thing to do is sit in the car for the 3 to 5 minutes!

We never noticed because all our trips have been short.. I was stuck in bad traffic today and I panicked, now it happens everyday!

How about an educated guess on the problem?????

Thre are NO Merc dealers in the country that I know of, so this one will have to be solved here with this forum....

Need Help!!!!
Joe in Nigeria
Mercedes Benz Model 230E 1993
Beautiful Car!
Wish It Ran Beautiful!
Help Please!
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