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Kelly Pepper
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Jeff Verilone is very highly respected in our community and sells only the cleanest cars. (especially Mercedes!). I visit with him once in a while and he knows me personally.

He started buying ONLY Mercedes one at a time as a part time hobby and it just started to "Snow Ball" for him...what a lucky guy!!!

Shouldn't we ALL be working at a job or business that's also our "hobby"!!!

He had an 87 560SL (you might recall; Silver Blue w/Navy Leather) about a month or two ago that I was seriously thinking about buying and he admitted that it would be best to replace the engine.

Eventually selling at $7,995 (give or take) was a good price IF you wanted to put more money into it to bring it back to the level it's deserving of. It was very evident to me that the previous owner didn't respect the car or understand and love what he/she had.

I ended up finding a lovely 89 300SE in Garnet w/Palomino Leather in Ortonville. I felt a bit guilty about not buying from Jeff, as I told him I wanted a "Jeff Verilone" Mercedes, but he thinks that the best color for these cars are either Black or Grey. Neither color suits me!

If you're interested in Jeff's 300SDL, I could take some pictures. I considered that one too and it IS very nice.

...let me know. I'll be as impartial as I can.
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