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My pump is a facet . It`s not the same as the one they sell at frybrid but it works good i`ve been using it for 3 yrs no problems.It is a little square shaped pump gold color. The black one should work fine too. you should be able to get either one at Shuck`s or Kraegen. I also put a little glass filter just after to pump so you can see whats happening . Take the filter out and just use the glass. My pump is wired to the vegi side of the toggle switch so it`s on when the valve is switched to vegi. If you want to keep the looped return line because you don`t want to lose any heat you could add a flat plate heat exchanger and get plenty of heat. I get over 160 in 20 degree weather . i had to add a switch so i could shut off the vegi therm or it will get to hot depending on outside temp. hope this helps Rick
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