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I have had my mercedes in several times for a "clunking noise" in the rear end on acceleration. It has been diagnose as a faulty "drag Link" by more than 1 repair facility. I have had the work done on several occasions. The noise will dissapear for approximately 6 months and resurface. I seem to be in a "fix the symptom not the problem situation" My question consists of this. #1 what is a drag link? Where is it located?? And what could cause it to.....
Also, what is the clunking noise - I see no rub marks on the drive shaft - I have replaced universal joints - rear differential and axles have all been gone through with no damage found. rear coil springs and shocks have been replaced. Help!
I am sick of paying for the same repair. Three times now, and I still dont know what a drag link is......
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