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When you appy the brakes is the pedal "hard" or "soft" and how much travel do you go through?

Air would tend to let you push the pedal further to compress the air, making the feel more on the soft or spongy side.

It is also possible the new discs came with a preservative that is interfering with your pad/disc ability to convert kinetic energy to heat, and until it wears off you will have a less effective braking system. I think you are supposed to clean them (the discs) off when you install them.

If you get the chance, call the outfit that sold the discs to you and ask them if they ship with a preservative. Since most discs are made of non-corrosion resistant steels, it is not uncommon to coat them with something to prevent them from degrading in storage or shipping. Like wet brakes, until the material is removed, it acts like a lubricant, making your foot push harder to get an acceptable response.

If you cannot "burn" the stuff off by driving around with the brake applied lightly, you will probably have to take the calipers off to wash the stuff off so you do not contaminate the pads.

Based on what you wrote that is about the best I can do, hope it helps, and good luck. Jim
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