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I am begining to hear some cylinder head noise as well except I do not know what it is.. I also dont know how long those hydraulic tappets last either. I also think that since oil is leaking through the valve seals, it is causing gummed up valves and therefore not letting the vavles sit properly! which all equal less power and slow engine response! I just want to find out what makes that annoying valve train noise and get rid of it. I guess thats what 200K miles does to your engine!
I have done everything on my 190E myself and so far I have been successfull in completing the pervious tasks! So I am hoping to do more in depth work on it this winter break!
Note to ASHMAN:
Bekkers does offer great performance products for 190E's but they are beneficial to those that have the race bred cosworth 2.3 16V engine 190E. Then you can do some cool stuff! How bout pumping 300+ horses out of a 2.6 litre? Now thats something!
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