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It might work for a Chevrolet (although I doubt it). It absolutely won't work on that MB you have in your picture or any other that I know of.

TWO major problems. First the cigarette lighter is unpowered with the ignition key OFF. If you turn it on the power that will be used (that the lighter socket would need to support to keep voltage up) would drain a 9v battery in milliseconds.

The second problem is that a modern car such as yours (and probably new Chevrolets) will wake-up their control units with the door opening. The combined load will knock down a 9v instantly with the computers awake, a worse case senario.

If you seriously want to do what you these devices intend, I would suggest a motor cycle battery with a pair of large aligator clips attached to leads. This of course does not help if the reason you are doing this is because the procedures say to disconnect battery (as in SRS repairs).
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