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Well you know I knew the general opinion that the C class were not quite up to the other classes (at least in the past) walking into the dealership...that the E series was better, particularly the old E320 (can't remember the W... yet, remember I'm new) were considered the most reliable of the Benz's (this being my first Mercedes. I've owned Saabs and BMWs).

I initially tried to get a very nice Starmarked 94 E320 for quite a lot less money, but my wife and I, too, went for the manual shift, "sporty" type car. I just got one anyway, knowing the past of the C class. BTW, this is a new C class, isn't it ? Or are these still considered W140s...?

Anyway I still have time to get that extended warranty. I don't put a lot of miles on a car, maybe 10k per year, so it would pay to buy all 4 years of warranty.

Next time around I'll talk my wife out of the manual shift /sport thing. But I don't regret the purchase. This car handles and rides like a dream. I'll just have to pony up for the extended warranty I guess. I've heard you can "shop around" for it at any dealer and get a discount off the list price.

Nothing's broken yet....

2001 C240 6 speed
97 Saab 9000

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