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Another thought on the windows switches ... a soft rag, such as an old bath towel works great to keep the "tiny little parts" bouncing and dropping all over.

While you have one switch assembly out, you might as well do them all. It doesn't take that much more time once the console is exposed. I am always amazed how much dirt gets into the switch assemblies.

I thought about larger tires for my '91 300E. Instead I bought Bridgestone RE950's in the standard 195/65-15 size. I didn't want to trade-off fuel mileage for the slight increase in corning performance. BTW, these tires a great! Going through standing water and general wet roads is next to amazing. The tech at tire dealer who installed them repeatedly told me that they really perform after about 300 to 600 miles. He was right. And to think I was going to spend more money for lower performing Michelins.

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