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Valve cover exhaust hose "gooped"?

Here goes! On my 85 380se, I have hunted down and repaired vacuum tube leaks and done other small but essential maintenance on this vehicle that sat idle for over 3 years prior to my purchase. Fluids, filters etc, all thanks to the people that are generous with their time and knowledge at this site. Prior to replacing the air filter cover and trying to slide the rubber hose onto the underside of the cover, I noticed inside the hose large amounts of brown sludge! I mean gobs of it all globbed inside the hose. I then removed the hose and looked inside the valve cover (through the neck which the hose connects to and that also was loaded with crud! The vacuum line which runs off the hose was also plugged. I am afraid to take the cover off but I guess it's inevitable. The vehicle has 225k and doesn't run bad considering the amount of things that were unplugged, disconnected etc. Any ideas, solutions for whatever the crud is and what causes it? Thanks, Rainman
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