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Can anyone help me to analyze: Hard start 400E...

I have a hard start problem on my 92 400E since I bought the car 3 months ago, it always takes 3 seconds before it fires up, no matter warm or cold, also it doesn't make difference if I let it run and turn off engine then start again, it just takes 3 seconds regardless the conditions, even with a brand new battery, new distrubitor caps, rotors, fuel regulator, plugs.

However yesterday when I was cleaning its throttle body, I experienced the first ever smooth start. This happened when I sprayed too much throttle body cleaner, the engine choked and stopped, I then tried to start the engine again, to my surprise the engine fired up immediately, I tried it twice, each time it fired up right way, but if I shut down the engine normally, it again took 3 seconds.

Mike Freeman had suggested my to modify Crankshaft Position Sensor, before I do so, can anyone help me to analyze base on the clue above? does this indicate I have leaking injectors?

99 BMW 540i 6-speed 110K Km
03 SAAB 9-5 wagon 80K Km
92 400E (Sold) 245K km
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